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I guess it was a year ago already that Kelley and I played a show in Omaha, NE. After we finished, a nice girl named Laura from the band Mynabirds offered us a place to stay. She had a lovely house and a rugged, yet playful dog ( whose name I’ve forgotten… maybe ‘Robo’ or ‘Timmy’?). The next morning she invited us to walk down the block to her pal Isa’s house who was preparing for us … The best goddamned brunch we’ ve ever had! Turns out that Isa Chandra Moskowitz is a renowned chef and author of bestselling vegan cookbooks. Isa joked that if she ever got her own cooking show she would ask us to write the theme song. Fast forward… The show, Make It Vegan, is here and our song ‘Salt’ will be featured in it. We couldn’t be more honored!